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10 Weeks (1.5 hours) Location to be announced $1000

TFTYMS is an intensive relationship-training workshop specifically for singles or those who are considering dating, that teaches how to date, relate and connect.  


TFTYMS closes the gap between the lure of the potential to connect or land a relationship, with that it takes to actually realize that potential. What often gets in the way of realizing that potential is the glaring lack of knowhow.  


TFTYMS treats dating, relating and connecting as creative processes – art forms that require an understanding of basic principles, the development of essential skills and, of course lots of practice. You have to be highly motivated, focused and mindful of what you are doing in order to achieve proficiency. 


In TFTYMS, you will:


  • Learn basic principles and develop essential communication skills.

  • Become much more proficient in the arts of dating, relating and connecting. 

  • Build confidence in your ability to handle yourself – ready for anything – when meeting someone for the first time. 

  • Become more comfortable being yourself, more open, honest and authentic in all of your relationships and when dating. 

  • Boost your “connectivity quotient,” (your creativity, presence and magnetism).  

  • Increase your chances of making a connection and seeing more desirable outcomes.  

  • Learn and grow from every encounter, regardless of the outcome of any one. 


10 Weeks Location to be Announced (1.5 hours)  $1000

Are you in a relationship you know is not healthy and you no longer want to be in?


Are you in a relationship you want to “break-up”, a relationship with a means of relief, i.e. with substances (alcohol, opioids, meth, prescription drugs, marijuana, etc.), or addicted to sex, porn, gambling, or are in codependent relationships?


Are you in a relationship because you don’t know how or are afraid to “break-up?”


Are you wishing to learn more about incorporating mindfulness into your life and relationships?


The Breaking-up Mindfully workshop takes you through The Five Steps to Breaking-up Mindfully. The workshop combines a didactic presentation of mindfulness-based principles along with interactive exercises for each step, in a safe, supportive environment.


Recovery is a natural progression. You must “break up” before you can begin developing the relationship with your Self. It’s only when you have a conscious, active and ongoing relationship with your Self that you are able to create emotionally nourishing relationships.  


Breaking up Mindfully is intended to be a road map that takes you out of your dependency or need-based relationship and leads you to stage II, where you discover your Self. The ultimate goal is to replace one primary, unhealthy, non-emotionally nourishing relationship with another primary, healthy and emotionally nourishing one.

The First Time You Meet Someone Training in Orinda, CA
Breaking Up Mindfully Training in Orinda, CA


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