RelationshipVision.com is intended to serve as a reliable online resource for keeping up with the latest developments in the areas of relationships and intimacy, and addiction, recovery and intervention.

All of the work I do is about empowering the transformation of relationships by developing the relationship with your Self; elevate consciousness, increase connectivity and ignite creativity. I am a facilitator of conversations. I am a builder of bridges of understanding.

All of the work I do is to empower fellow practitioners to expand on their repertoire of tricks and inspire their creativity, empower them to bring about the changes they want to see their clients make.

​All of the work I do is to open your eyes to the mystery, magic and the infinite potential of what’s possible in the sacred space of co-creation; to have an experience that is healing, nourishing, deeply intimate, inspiring, transformational and enraptured.

My Dharma, life’s purpose, calling…Changing lives. Changing relationships. Changing the world, one relationship at a time, one encounter at a time.

“The relationship with your Self is the mother of all relationships.”

“Self is the source of infinite power and infinite uniqueness.”

“Relationships don’t just happen. They are created. They are joint-effort creations.”

“Relating, connecting, intimacy and conversation are art forms. As is the case with any co-creative process, basic principles apply and essential skills must be honed.”

Intimacy’s greatest challenge : To stay separate yet connected at the same time.

Our addiction, recovery and intervention services, programs; posts, blogs, training modules, articles and books are accessible at the RV website are based on The Relationship Model of Addiction™, A New Paradigm for Understanding Addiction and Recovery (by Daniel A. Linder MFT).

(The Relationship Model of AddictionTM)

Human beings have two basic needs: the need for love/connection and the need to relieve the
pain when those needs are unmet.

Addiction is a relationship, not a disease, with a means of relief (be it substances, activities like porn, sex and gambling, as well as with people, i.e. codependency) of pain, from unmet emotional needs.

Unhealthy, non-nourishing relationships are the spawning ground of addiction. The backlog of pain from unmet emotional needs is the underlying driving force of any addiction. The greater the pain (from trauma, neglect, abuse, etc.) the greater the need for relief and the more pre-disposed one is to becoming addicted.

Recovery is a three-stage transitional journey out of unhealthy relationships and into healthy ones that continues over the course of a lifetime.

Stage I - Breaking-up Mindfully (with the means of relief);
Stage II - Developing the Relationship with Self;
Stage III - Creating Emotionally Nourishing Relationships (relationship training).

​The cause (relationships) is the cure (relationships). Addiction naturally extinguishes itself when our emotional needs get met in our relationships, with ourselves and with others; when there is no longer the level of pain to drive the addiction.

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