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The Miracle of Connection

The Birth and Life of an Intimate Relationship

The Miracle of Connection cracks the code to make the miracle of connection happen for yourself so that you can forge deeper and more intimate connections than you ever imagined was possible. It is about becoming empowered to transform the quality of your relationships by developing a relationship with your Self.

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Having a relationship with your Self is the key to everything. It enables you to become a powerhouse of connection and to receive all the nourishment and oxytocin that goes with it. The benefits are unlimited! Your consciousness will be elevated. You will become more connectable and magnetic. Your creativity will skyrocket...and more!


Through stories, practical applications, and mindful practices, you will: 

  • Discover the dazzling array of superpowers lying at the core of your being.

  • Develop the most important relationship of all – the relationship with your Self.

  • Become a confident, charismatic, and magnetic communicator.

  • For singles only: Get a working game plan to negotiate the challenges and pitfalls the first time you meet someone.

For anyone in pursuit of connection, this is your must-have guide for navigating a successful relationship journey.

Book Page - D. Linder Web Draft.png

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Why I Wrote The Miracle of Connection Book

My Vision for the Miracle of Connection Book

About the Author

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Daniel Linder is all about elevating consciousness. His passion is to increase your connectability, ignite your creativity, and empower the transformation of relationships by developing the relationship with Self. As a relationship therapist and trainer, he has been working with individuals, couples, and families for over 40 years. As an addiction specialist, Daniel has guided and supported clients on their transitional journey out of unhealthy relationships and into healthy, nourishing ones. Now his primary focus is on developing the relationship with Self and training in the arts of communication, connection, and conversation. Daniel can be reached at

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To learn more about The Miracle of Connection and Daniel Linder, download his Media Kit!

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