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Relationship Training Couples Therapy 

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A relationship consists of two separate, autonomous Selves, me and you, who build a bridge of understanding that connects them, makes them an us.

Most of the relationships I work with come in mired in discord and disconnection. As the result of longstanding unexpressed feelings and unresolved issues, there is a wedge of tension and distance that is quite palpable to me. Clearly, they are not accustomed to talking about how they’re feeling or their issues probably because they don’t feel safe enough to be honest and real with each other.
It’s my job to create a womb space conducive for self-reflection and exploration and sharing their experience, their thoughts, feelings and desires. When safety is established, we can being having the conversations that need to be had. I then step into the role of facilitator of conversations and a builder of bridges of understanding.
On top of everything they’re already dealing with, is a glaring lack of knowhow when it comes to relating, connecting, intimacy and conversation. I then step into the role of teacher or trainer to gain a better understanding of the co-creative process and develop essential skills.
I expect the couples I work with to leave my office after every session feeling closer and more connected than before the session and more hopeful of a brighter future together.  

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About Daniel Linder, MFT


“All of the work I do is about empowering the transformation of relationships by developing the relationship with your Self; and elevating consciousness, increasing connectability, and igniting creativity along the way.”  

Daniel is a “self and relationship based therapist” who has 35+ years of experience working with individuals, couples and families. He’s a “self and relationship-based therapist” and addiction specialist whose eclectic and integrative approach incorporates mindfulness-based principles and practices; cognitive behavioral and systems therapy; existential, phenomenological psychology and communication skills building, into his work. The Miracle is an essential navigation tool for those on a transitional journey out of unhealthy, non-nourishing relationships and into healthy nourishing ones.

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