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Couples Therapy 

Relationship Therapy and Training for Couples, Families and all other primary relationships

“Relationships are as good as the conversations had.”

Most of my nearly forty years of experience was working with a predominantly recovering population, guiding them their lifelong transitional journey out of non-nourishing, dependency based relationships and into nourishing and Self-based ones.

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Now my primary focus and specialization is working with couples and families in which their broken, discordant and disconnected relationships are in need of repair and healing. My experience has shown me that the primary cause of relationship breakdown is the backlog of unexpressed feelings and unresolved issues that fail to get the airtime they need and creates a wedge of disconnection that can’t get crossed without a clinical intervention.

I facilitate the conversations that need to be had, that dissolve the wedge that kept them from connecting. I call them pink elephant conversations. (No one ever talks about the pink elephant in the middle of the living room.) When the backlog of unexpressed feelings and unresolved issues finally get talked about, the wedge of disconnection that kept them from connecting suddenly dissolves. When two people are able to talk things through and understand each other better, they come away feeling closer and more connected to each other.

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About Daniel Linder, MFT

“All of the work I do is about empowering the transformation of relationships by developing the relationship with your Self; and elevating consciousness, increasing connectability, and igniting creativity along the way.”  

Daniel is a “self and relationship based therapist” who has 35+ years of experience working with individuals, couples and families. He’s a “self and relationship-based therapist” and addiction specialist whose eclectic and integrative approach incorporates mindfulness-based principles and practices; cognitive behavioral and systems therapy; existential, phenomenological psychology and communication skills building, into his work. The Miracle is an essential navigation tool for those on a transitional journey out of unhealthy, non-nourishing relationships and into healthy nourishing ones.

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