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Family Therapy 

“Restoring the flow of connection”

Family therapy is for families who wish to restore the flow of connection, who long to feel closer and more connected, and include all inner circle people and relationships between partners, lovers, parents, parents and children, siblings, extended family and friends.


Family therapy is also for those, parents and or children who wish to repair their broken, discordant or disconnected relationships and open up lines of communication.


“I find myself locked into age-old parent-child dynamics and am hoping the day comes when we could just be ourselves with each other and relate adult to adult.”

“There’s a disconnect between us. A wedge of ice that hadn’t thawed. At some point, we just stopped talking to each other. There’s lots of anger and hurt. A lot of shit happened that we never talked about.”

“I know there is a lot more love in our hearts for each other than actually gets expressed or felt.”

“I wish there was a way to change how we are with each other.”

Family therapy is also for parents who wish to be healthy relationship role models for their children, and see them create healthy nourishing relationships for themselves as they grow as children into adulthood. The parental relationship – how the parents relate and conduct themselves with each other sets the tone for how everyone in the family relates and conducts themselves with each other.

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About Daniel Linder, MFT

“All of the work I do is about empowering the transformation of relationships by developing the relationship with your Self; and elevating consciousness, increasing connectability, and igniting creativity along the way.”  

Daniel is a “self and relationship based therapist” who has 35+ years of experience working with individuals, couples and families. He’s a “self and relationship-based therapist” and addiction specialist whose eclectic and integrative approach incorporates mindfulness-based principles and practices; cognitive behavioral and systems therapy; existential, phenomenological psychology and communication skills building, into his work. The Miracle is an essential navigation tool for those on a transitional journey out of unhealthy, non-nourishing relationships and into healthy nourishing ones.

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