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Hi and Welcome to RelationshipVision.


What is your vision of the ideal relationship for you?


What is it you are ultimately after and how important is it to you?


Is this uncharted territory for you, but are ready for the journey?


If you answer, “Yes. “Yes. “Yes.” then I’m speaking to you.


If it is a deep connection or intimate relationship you are ultimately after and want to gain the knowhow, better understand the co-creative process, feel more confident and proficient in the arts of relating, connecting, intimacy and conversation, RelationshipVision is the place you want to be. 


If you are mindfulness-based practitioner, relationship therapist or trainer, anyone working to impact other’s lives and relationships; elevate consciousness, increase connect-ability and ignite creativity, RV can be an invaluable relationship training resource as well.


RelationshipVision is to be a mingling hub for those on a path of empowerment and  transformation; building community of those who share a common bond, philosophy and purpose, and to stay current on what is happening in the area of relationships and intimacy, across cultures, via blogs, live conversations, presentations and other events posted. 


“Changing lives, changing relationships, changing the world; one relationship at a time, one encounter at a time.” 

What People Are Saying

"No single person should be without Linder's fascinating insights about what really goes on between people when they 'date.' Relational is not only easy to read, it is compelling and original. Linder discusses all the things we need to know but were never taught. His examples are so real and familiar; he speaks to the very core of the issues single men and women deal with today. If you are looking for true intimacy, don't pass up this book!"


~ Susan Page, 
Author of If I'm So Wonderful, Why Am I Still Single?


"Linder convinces us to believe that applying these basic principles could empower the recovering addict to transform
the quality of his or her relationships. We may draw inspiration from his 'dare to apply' these basic principles for ourselves and see whether they work and whether they're true. These are principles that would behoove all of us to at least consider."

"For the treatment practitioner, Relational Recovery is essential psycho-education material.
Linder packs a huge amount of 'back to basics' information into a little space."

~ Dr. Neil Kobrin, Ph.D
Mill Valley, CA

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