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Relationships Continue From Where They Begin 03/28/2022

So happy to see you again for the 2nd edition of the Inside Scoop at my RV website. We’re just getting started!

The Inside Scoop is your free go-to resource for relationship training that is always chock full of tips for transforming your relationships, elevating consciousness, increasing connect-ability, and igniting creativity.

Let’s begin today with basic principle #2. Relationships continue from where they begin.

Did you know, how two people relate the first time they meet replicates like a DNA molecule in subsequent encounters? The (initial) encounter is a microcosm of the developing relationship (if one develops). It’s also when the relationship’s foundation gets built, it’s the embryonic stage of a relationship.

The key is consistency and full engagement the whole time, and every time, you’re engaged in a co-creative process. Every minute you are with someone counts.

Whenever you are relating, you are simultaneously engaged in a co-creative process, i.e. relating or conversing, and you are forming a relationship. Even if you never see the person again, that time you spent, connected or not, is a stand-alone co-creation.

If a rapport was established, it’s possible for that rapport to carry over into subsequent encounters, and become a standard for how you want to be and feel with each other in a relationship. If you were honest and real, chances are, you’d be so in subsequent encounters. If you were dishonest, the developing relationship will be built on dishonesty.

Relationships continue from where they begin is a mindset - knowing that it’s “showtime” and when you have to be on your game, that’s the key.

Yes! Rely on the connections you make and intimacy you create for sustenance!

Thank you for being here sharing our time together.

Feel free to leave questions and comments here: I’d love to see and respond to them.



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