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“The best investment a young couple can make is in their relationship.”

Research shows that more than half of all marriages end in divorce. If there was one over-riding factor contributing to the demise of relationships, it has to be, the inability to talk to each other about what needs to get talked about.


Pre-marital counseling readies a couple to get out of their comfort zone, enter unfamiliar territory, having conversations about things they’d never otherwise talk about on their own, while being honest and real with each other.


Pre-marital counseling is for those in the very early stages of relationship, who are planning a future together, who want to build a strong enough container to handle the storm and are fit for the journey. 

The couple will learn and practice communicating in a way that deepens their connection to each other and fosters understanding. The conversations will be compare and contrast each other’s perspectives and responses to a range of prompts, i.e. motivation, values, priorities, wants, needs, expectations, hopes, dreams, potential conflicts or concerns, how they separate and come back together, and many other hot relationship bearing topics.


The investment in a regimen of pre-marital counseling secures a brighter, richer and deeper relationship future.

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