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About Daniel 

Daniel A. Linder is a licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, Relationship Trainer and an addiction, recovery and intervention specialist, us currently practicing in the San Diego area of California and had been for the past four decades, working with individuals, couples, families since 1981, (both live and in-person as well as on Zoom).  


He’s a “self and relationship-based therapist,” whose eclectic and integrative approach incorporates mindfulness-based principles and practices; cognitive behavioral and systems therapy; existential, positive and self-psychology and communication skills building, into his work. 


"I work with individuals in the context of their primary relationships; how they conduct themselves in those relationships are the key to their recovery, healing and quality of life."


"All of the work I do is about bringing you back to your Self."  


He is the creator of The Relationship Model of Addiction (TRMA), A New Paradigm for Understanding Addiction and Recovery and the author of the four-book set TRMA, Stage I – Breaking -up Mindfully; Stage II – Developing the Relationship with Self and Stage III- Creating Healthy Nourishing Relationships. 


He has several books to his credit, Dating, A Guide to Creating Intimate Relationships; Demystifying Addiction, To Relieve the Pain; Beyond Sobriety, Empowering the Transformation of Relationships Intimacy, The Essence of True Love and TRMA four book set, as well as numerous related articles (available at


Daniel is the Author of the upcoming book, The Miracle of Connection, The Birth and Life of an Intimate Relationship, launch date is beginning 2023. 

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