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The Dating to Relate (DTR) workshop is relationship training for singles that focuses the first time you meet someone.




You will:


  • Get acquainted with the co-creative process

  • Learn basic principles, a game-plan, how to relate and connect, how to assess your experience and make a decision about the direction you want to go, i.e. whether or not you want to get together again.


For those (singles) in the doldrums of demoralization and ineptitude, your eyes will be opened to the mystery, magic and potential of what is possible the first time you meet someone.


If you feel that you “don’t know how to relate and can’t connect with anyone,” (as I’ve heard many people say to me many times), you will come away with a clear game-plan and the confidence to implement it.    


Dating to Relate (DTR) is for singles on a path of personal growth and self-work, who value the quality of their relationships above all else and are in touch with their need for connection and longing for intimacy.  


DTR not for people not on a path of self-work, who whom the quality of their relationships not a top priority and are not highly motivated to learn how to become better relaters, connectors and conversers.  

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