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Three Relationships in One Relationship

Do you want to know the secret preserving, protecting and sustaining an ever growing and deepening relationship? It’s an industry secret. This is what you learn in relationship therapy training – to distinguish between the three relationships in one relationship that need special handling and tending are the primary relationships – my relationship with my Self and your relationship with your Self and then there is the relationship between me and you – the ‘us’ relationship – where we meet in the sacred space of co-creation that is based on the experience each is having in the here and now moment.

Once mindful to distinguish between the three relationships, you can then begin having conversations to align in purpose, in which both agree to commit to and take responsibility for preserving the sacred space of ‘us,’ by making sure that their own personal individual issues do not spill over into or get worked out or contaminate the sacred ‘us’ space – the between ‘me’ and ‘you’ space. Both people agree to uphold the purity of the sacred space at all costs and at all times. Mindful practice to keeping track of whose issues are whose and who's to deal with, to persevere the sacred space of the relationship becomes a matter of integrity Both people are also committing to supporting each other to take responsibility for their own self-care, which means there is a consensual understanding that one’s own self-work an inside job only, that doesn’t involve the other person or the spill onto their ‘relationship’ – the sacred space of co-creation where they meet and connect. Yes. Rely on the connections you make and intimacy you create for sustenance!

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