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Chapter 1                          What Is Self?


Buddhist Monk Thich Nhat Hanh wrote about the practice he called the Island of Self:

When the Buddha was eighty years old and knew, he wasn’t going to live much longer, he offered the practice of the “Island of Self” to his students. He said that there is a safe island within yourself that you can go back to every time you feel afraid, unstable, or in despair. Go home to the island of self, inside of you and take refuge there and you will be safe. The island of self is just one breath away. With the practice of mindful breathing or mindful walking, we can come home to our island straight away. 

Self is consciousness.

Self is awareness. (Conscious awareness)

Self is nothing without awareness.

Self is as real as air. 

Self is empty.

Self is full. 

Self is always there. We all have one.  

Self is spirit.

Self is God in you.

Self is your Higher Power.

Self is your Highest Power.

Self is sacred.

Self is observer.

Self is witness.

Self is home.

Self is where you belong, where you’re safe.

Your refuge. You can always visit. The door is always open.

Your anchor.

Your center.

Your bank.

What you are tethered to.

The ground you’re standing on.

Self is source. 

Self is agency. (Assess, Decide, Act).

Self is your imagination.

Self is your unique essence.

Your gold.

Your light. 

Your sun. 

Self is amorphous.

Self is energy. 

Self is spirit.

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