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Intervention Services


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Are you concerned about a loved one you think or know, is in throes of an addiction (or any other mental health issue, i.e. behavioral or emotional instability, psychosis, depression…)?


Are you feeling powerless? Facing a crisis and you don’t know what to do? Standing by helplessly watching someone you love on a path of self-destruction? 

What is an intervention?


The family comes together in a concerted and coordinated effort to express love and support their loved one to seek the help they need to get their lives back on track.


Usually the family doesn’t seek help until the problems have reached crisis proportions and they have been perpetuated and progressed over time in an atmosphere of silence and avoidance. For a long time, no one was talking about the pink elephant in the room.


Intervention is an intensive, tightly structured process, that can take several hours to complete, over the course of days, that shines light on the denial and avoidance and breaks the silence.


The family members are given the time and space to begin talking about their feelings towards their loved one, their most painful memories, how they and their relationships with their loved one have been impacted, and to rehearse what they will have to say to their loved one. It’s in the final stage when your loved one is present for everyone to speak their mind  directly, and afterwards the loved on will have the space to respond to what was said and heard.   

Feel free to set up a brief time to assess your situation, see what direction to go and next action steps.  

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