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RelationshipVision™ 2017


Are you concerned about a loved one you think, or know is in throes of an addiction (or any other mental health issue)?


Do you have doubts about the way you are handling the situation, whether you are helping, or are wondering how to help or wishing there was a better way?


Feel free to set up an appointment for an initial consultation to discuss what is going on and the next action step, and whether further consultation would be in order, for the purposes of developing an intervention and implementation plan. 


I provide education tailored to your specific situation, about addiction and mental health, action planning and strategizing. For the purposes of an intervention for a loved one’s addiction, I generally work with the family members or significant others initially without their loved one being there, but prepare the family a powwow with their loved one when he or she is brought into the foray, all in a concerted effort to get him or her into treatment.


However sometimes there are issues that will need to be addressed with the whole family together – the pink elephant in the room. In this scenario I would facilitate dialogues between them, i.e. moms and dads with sons and daughters, in a concerted effort to grow and deepen all of the relationships within the family system.