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Individual Therapy 

Orange Blossom


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The most important relationship is with yourself. 

When you have a relationship with your Self, you’re better able to identify your thoughts, feelings, wants – whatever is going on inside of you, which make it possible to be understood, heard, seen, felt, get to know each other and connect more deeply and intimately.

I create a safe space for you to uncover and explore unexpressed feelings, unresolved issues holding you back, bringing you and your relationships down and shed light on them. Healing and empowerment occur when the unconscious becomes conscious and you learn how to take better care of yourself in your life and relationships by speaking your truth and being in touch with your top priorities so that your action and communication are consistent with them.    

My areas of expertise are couples and family therapy, and addiction, recovery and intervention. I also work extensively with those struggling with anxiety or depression, trauma, those going thorough major life changes, i.e. loss, relationship, work or health crises, as the same mindfulness-based principles naturally apply to them as well.

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