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Daniel A. Linder, MFT

Relationship Therapy & Training 

Individuals, Couples and Families 

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Fallbrook, CA 92028 
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Hi There


I’m Daniel, a licensed MFT, with three plus decades of experience working with individuals, couples and families. I’m a “self and relationship-based” therapist. I’m also an addiction, recovery and intervention specialist.


I’m also a natural born relater off the streets of Brooklyn, ready to relate to anyone, anywhere, anytime, about anything. And I listen too. I actually do love to listen, and I love the work I do.


All the work I do is about empowering the transformation of relationships by developing the relationship with Self; elevating consciousness, boosting connectivity and igniting creativity. 


I’ve seen, after nearly forty years of doing therapy, that virtually all of the problems, struggles, issues that bring people into therapy are sourced in their family of origin relationships, as well as their current ones. 


The lack of nourishment past and current significant relationships failed to provide is always a general theme and primary causal factor of the struggles that precipitated their reaching out for help; while the creation of healthy, nourishing and intimate relationships stands is a remedy or cure or remedy. 


Everything changes when have an active and ongoing relationship with your Self. Everything changes when you learn how to create connection and when you’re in healthy, nourishing relationships. 


But how do you create connection when you’ve never learned, no one showed you, you had no role models? When you’re totally lost and lacking knowhow?


This is where relationship training begins.  


Are you in touch with your need for connection?


Do you wish to connect more deeply and intimately in your relationships?


Are you motivated to learn how to create connection?


Are you on a path of self-work and growth?


Do you wish to have more of a relationship with your Self?


If you answer, “Yes. “Yes. “Yes.” then I’m speaking to you. We’re probably a good fit and you will probably stand to gain more value than you could imagine.


RelationshipVision™ is the place you want to be. 


“Changing lives, changing relationships, changing the world; one relationship at a time, one encounter at a time.” 


RelationshipVision™ – Your go-to relationship training resource for stay current on what is happening in relationships and intimacy, across cultures, via blogs, live conversations, presentations and other events posted. 

What People Are Saying

I just got off the phone with the patient I had referred to you. Just wanted to tell you that her and her husband are over the moon with you. I asked her about how it was for her working with you and she said, it was mind-blowing. I’m so thrilled. I really think you already made a difference with her in one session in a way I’ve been trying to do but couldn’t in five plus years of working with her. You just got her. Really, she couldn’t say enough nice things about you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Daniel has played an instrumental role in providing me with intimacy and relationship support during some of the most challenging periods of my life. As an intimacy coach and therapist, he is uniquely gifted at fostering an environment of trust to which he brings his decades of insight. Daniel doesn't placate. Rather, he's challenged me to grow, to reflect, to heal in ways that didn't feel attainable on my own. Daniel brings a profound level of care and kindness to this work, rooted in emotional authenticity that is at the core of his being. 

Your dynamic energy did change my life. Somehow your unbridled way of communicating directly to the point, on the surface and into the depths of emotion triggered positive behavioral changes. I benefitted. I am so grateful. You create so much healing and are a fantastic therapist.

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