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Family Therapy

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“Restoring the flow of connection”


Family therapy is about healing broken, frozen and disconnected relationships within a family, i.e. parents and children, siblings with each other. Over time, the backlog of unexpressed feelings and unresolved issues becomes an impenetrable wedge of disconnection.   

Families are built on a hierarchical structure. The parents are in the position of power and the children are subordinate to them. The parental relationship – how they relate and conduct themselves with each other sets the tone for how everyone in the family relates and conducts themselves with each other. They are also their children’s primary source of emotional nourishment.  But their ability to provide nourishment, be in sync and aligned as a team and how close and connected they are as a couple sets the tone for how family members relate to each other and the quality of those relationships.   

For parents who wish to have better and deeper relationships with their children; to see their children in healthy nourishing relationships for themselves as children and adults; who would like to be role models and mentors for their children for how to create nourishing and intimate relationships; who might be looking for some direction for transitioning from being locked in parent-child dynamics to relating adult to adult and for those who want to work on growing and deepening their relationships with their children, to feel closer and more connected to each other.

Usually when the pressure of pent-up feelings and unresolved issues gets released, connection gets restored. They will get to know and understand each other like they never did before, appreciate each other more deeply and find the love still there in their hearts and bridge their ruptured connection.  

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