In a safe space, intra-familial relationships (parents, siblings, parent/child, extended family members, blended families, and across generations) will have the opportuni...
45 min

“Restoring the flow of connection”


Family therapy is about healing broken, frozen and disconnected relationships within a family, i.e. parents and children, siblings with each other. I create a safe space to begin to identify the long avoided pink elephants in the room that no one talks about and keeps their relationships at a standstill. No one is having the conversations that need to be had. 


Families are built on a hierarchical structure. The parents are in the position of power and the children are subordinate to them. The parental relationship – how they relate and conduct themselves with each other sets the tone for how everyone in the family relate and conducts themselves with each other. They are also their children’s primary source of emotional nourishment. The parents are the role models for what a healthy, functional and intimate relationship look like, or for relationships based on disconnection, in which the need to protect oneself trumps the need to connect. 


Family therapy is an interactive process that restores flow and connection within and throughout the family, as well as to all of the dyadic relationships under the umbrella of the family as a whole.


Where there is disconnection, there will be connection.


When the pressure of pent-up feelings and unresolved issues gets released, when light is shed on them and they are addressed explicitly, connection gets restored. They will get to know and understand each other like they never did before, appreciate each other more deeply and find the love still there in their hearts to bridge their ruptured connection.