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Friday, June 14, 2024

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For those in touch with their need for connection and hunger for the nourishment they’re missing, who are looking for guidance and knowhow to create make deeper connections and nourishing relationships for themselves.

If connection and intimacy are what you’re after, we’re likely to be a good fit to work together, and my upcoming book, The Miracle of Connection, is a game-changer for you to read. It’s an opportunity for you to learn a lot more about something that is your top priority but is actually something you know very little about.

For those in significant relationship you want to work on, whether you wish to feel closer and more connected to each other, improve you communication, or the relationship has gotten mired discordant dynamics, in which unexpressed feeling and unresolved issues are the pink elephants in the room that don’t get the airtime they need.

Parents who wish to have better and deeper relationships with their children see their children in healthy, nourishing relationships from childhood through adolescence and into adulthood.; who would like to be role models and mentors for their children for how to create nourishing relationships they could rely on for sustenance; or parents looking for some direction for transitioning from being locked in parent-child dynamics to learning how to see and respond to them differently – adult to adult.

For those on a path of recovery, in addicted, dependency-based relationships they want to break up with, whether with mind- and mood-altering substances or process addictions like compulsive gambling, porn, and sex addictions, as well as relationships with other people, i.e., love addiction and codependency. Also, I do interventions and facilitate the conversations that need to be had for significant others struggling with a loved one who is in the throes of an addiction or any mental health-related issues that have been tearing the family apart.

For healthcare professionals and anyone else whose work centers on relationships and empowering their clients to create nourishing relationships for themselves, elevate their consciousness, increase their magnetism, and ignite their creativity.

Feel free to leave questions and comments by sending me an email >>HERE<<.

​​I’d love to see and respond to them.

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Hi, Daniel

Daniel A. Linder is a licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, Relationship Therapist and Trainer, an Addiction and Intervention specialist, with nearly four decades of experience working with individuals, couples and families.

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The Miracle of Connection

The Birth and Life of an Intimate Relationship

The Miracle of Connection cracks the code to make the miracle of connection happen for yourself so that you can forge deeper and more intimate connections than you ever imagined was possible.

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